The Most Beautiful Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons in the world’s most beautiful destinations for less 

After your marriage, your honeymoon is one of the most special things you and your partner will do together. It’s more than a vacation, it’s an opportunity to connect and settle into your new life. Because this time is so precious, you should be spending it in a destination as beautiful as your love. That means white sandy beaches, dynamic cities and cultural meccas.

But, honeymooning in some of the world’s most precious destinations can be expensive. Everyone wants a piece of paradise, and resorts know how to capitalize on that. Don’t let your budget get you down, though. There are some incredible hotels, spas and resorts out there that offer luxury and indulgence at a fraction of the price. And lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best of the best.

Haven’t booked your honeymoon yet?

Good! Because this list contains the best and most beautiful destinations and resorts for under $3,500. Yes, you read that right. A piece of paradise for a fraction of the cost of the big luxury hotels. So what are you waiting for? Dive into our list and get inspired.


Check out the list here:

1. Maui, Hawaii     |     2. Matagalpa, Nicaragua    |     3. Colon Island, Panama

4. Soufriere, St. Lucia  |   5. Cruz Bay, St. John    |     6. Rarotonga, Cook Islands

7. Noonu, Maldives  |   8. Bali, Indonesia |     9.  Lombok, Indonesia

10. Phuket, Thailand  |    11.  Racha Yai, Thailand  |     12. Khao Lak, Thailand

13.  Kep, Cambodia |   14.  Koslanda, Sri Lanka  |    15.  Port Douglas, Australia

16.  Montville, Australia |    17.  Oak Beach, Australia |    18.  Santorini, Greece |  19.   Crete, Greece

20. Aristi, Greece 21. Amalfi Coast, Italy |   22. Budapest, Hungary