Montville Romantic Accommodation

Your private place of luxury nestled in the rainforest

Enter your little slice of paradise via a wooden decked veranda, surrounded by the lush green rainforest with bird song and a bubbling creek.  You peek around the corner to see a hammock, BBQ, table and chairs cocooned in nature.

Stepping inside your luxury cottage delight in the little details like fresh roses, handmade chocolates, incredible organic bath products, Wi-Fi, King or Queen bed, double spa bath, log fireplace, kitchenette, and flat screen TV.  Your fridge is stocked with the best local produce.  The complimentary port is on the bench, so just relax, unwind, and luxuriate in your amazing escape.

narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-villa | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-balcony | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-bedroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-lounge | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-spa | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-kitchen | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-kookaburra-bathroom | Narrows Escape
Kookaburra bed | Narrows Escape
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Kookaburra Rainforest Villa

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Featuring the largest deck and best views of the meandering creek, with a corner spa that is tucked to the side of the living room with amazing rainforest views. Wifi King size bed Double spa bath (living room) Fireplace with kindling and wood supplied TV/DVD player DVD library ...

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narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-bedroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-lounge | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-hamoch | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-kitchen | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-249-bedroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-247-sink | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-242-bed-bathroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-234-bath-cheese | Narrows Escape

Wagtail Rainforest Villa

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A tree house villa with beautiful vistas and a touch more seclusion.  Gaze out at the King Parrots paradise from your living room spa. Wifi King size bed Double spa bath (living room) Fireplace with kindling and wood supplied TV/DVD player DVD library Bluetooth Stereo Full...

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narrows-escape-montville-wagtail-lounge-spa | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-monville-whipbird-balcony | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-monville-whipbird-bedroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-monville-whipbird-lounge | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-monville-whipbird-bathroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-gallery-bed | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-whipbird-276-balcony | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-whipbird-272-wine | Narrows Escape

Whipbird Rainforest Villa

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Nestled into rainforest with creek views, watch the dappled sunlight dance across the room from your living room spa as you peek up at the rainforest canopy above. Wifi King size bed Double spa bath (living room) Fireplace with kindling and wood supplied TV/DVD player DVD library...

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narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-bedroom | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-fireplace | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-butcherbird-39-bath-window | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-bathroom-mirror | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-kitchen | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-lounge | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-forest | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-butcherbird-balcony | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-butcherbird-42-bath-bed | Narrows Escape

Butcherbird Rainforest Villa

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Perched up high in the trees, this villa has the best spa experience with French windows that slide away so you feel immersed in a rainforest bubble bath. Wifi King size bed Double spa bath (bathroom) Fireplace with kindling and wood supplied TV/DVD player DVD library Bluetoot...

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narrows-escape-montville-rosella-lounge-spa | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-butcherbird-77-breakfast | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-rosella-lounge | Narrows Escape
smoke from chimney | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-rosella-spa | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-rosella-bed | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-rosella-view | Narrows Escape

Rosella Rainforest Villa

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A luxurious large bathroom featuring double sinks, spacious double shower and spa with rainforest views.  Delight in the sound of the creek from your deck while the birds dance in the trees. Wifi King size bed Double spa bath (bathroom) Fireplace with kindling and wood supplied TV/...

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narrows-escape-montville-dove-lounge | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-dove-102-bath-wine | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-dove-lounge-view | Narrows Escape
dove bed and living room | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-dove-104-cheese-fire-wine | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-dove-balcony | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-dove-hamoch | Narrows Escape
narrows-escape-montville-dove-kitchen | Narrows Escape
steak dinner | Narrows Escape
Pebble_NarrowsEscape_259 | Narrows Escape

Dove Rainforest Villa

The last and most secluded villa with a bathroom spa surrounded by rainforest vistas.  Become entranced by the tranquillity of watching the water trickle over boulders making little waterfalls and rock pools. Wifi King size bed Double spa bath (bathroom) Fireplace with kindling and wo...

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Family Owned & Operated

We own and operate our beautiful boutique villas.  We are here to make your stay exceptional, whether it's catering to special dietary requirements or writing a handwritten note to surprise your loved one on arrival.  We love our little slice of paradise and the special memories that we help to create.  It is you, our guests, who make us love what we do.  This is our business, our home, our everything, so please give us a call and let us know how we can help make your getaway as magical as possible.

Custom Packages

Looking for something extra special or a little out of the ordinary?  Maybe you are thinking of proposing and want some help to make that special moment as magical as it can be, or perhaps you want to book out the whole property with some friends for a special birthday celebration.  We own and operate our boutique luxury villas and we love to work with you, our guests, to make your stay incredible.  Give us a call and let us know what plans you are hatching and we can see how we can help you make it happen.


We are proudly advanced eco-certified and love to source and showcase the best local products because we believe the Sunshine Coast region is incredibly special.  We are always looking at how we can improve our property to make it greener. We love the little suggestions that you, our guests, share with us and we are excited to implement these, like switching to Australian biodegradable coffee pods, reducing single-serve plastics, creating a compost and worm farm for food scraps and we now have solar panels to reduce our footprint! We believe that luxurious travel can still have a small footprint.  We have also upgraded to a hybrid car for transferring our guests and picking up our local goods because we know every little bit counts.

Check In 3pm

Check Out 11am

Daily Reception Hours

8am - 8pm

If you need a late check-in just give us a call