• A high level of personal service and a friendly, welcoming environment taking into account at all times our guests privacy requirements
  • A business with Advanced Eco-Tourism Certification and a member of Eco-Lodges of Australia
  • An immaculately clean pavilion and attention to detail ensuring all facilities are fully functional and in good order
  • Accurate and detailed information about the accommodation and experiences provided
  • Informed and comprehensive assistance with touring advice and Sunshine Coast experiences
  • A clear definition of costs, including booking and cancellation policies
  • The immediate rectification of any problems which may arise during our guests stay


At Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat we are committed to practises which meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. To us, sustainability is not just about looking after our natural environment. It is also about considering the social and economic impact of what we do and how we do it.

In particular we aim to provide a tourism experience that focuses on protecting the environment and allows our visitors to travel responsibly, with little impact.

Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat is a rated 5 Star by Star Ratings Australia, an independent authority providing an internationally recognised symbol for quality accommodation standards. We abide by the Star Ratings Code of Conduct

Sustainability thumb



  • Pavilion waste water is recycled onto the grounds via an Aquanova Biocycle system.
  • Two 40,000 litre underground rainwater tank supplies the pavilions.
  • Water is sourced from rainwater captured from main residence supplemented by water drawn natural bore in accordance with local government guidelines
  • Modern dual flush toilets with low volume water flush.
  • Guests are encouraged to reuse towels and linen before laundering.
  • All garden areas mulched to conserve water in the soil.
  • Hardy plants and natives are chosen for the garden.
  • A Speed Queen front loading washing machine is used for most pavilion laundry, using only 44 litres of water for a 9.5kg wash. This is supplemented by a Maytag top loading washing machine. Both machines are commercial grade, renowned for long life and low energy use rating.
  • High efficiency Speed Queen gas tumble dryers are used for on premise drying.


  • 90% of all lights are LED globes, with the remainder energy efficient CF lamps
  • Natural lighting is maximised in living areas with skylights installed in all pavilions.
  • On demand gas hot water system ensuring water is only heated as used.
  • Timer switches used on all outdoor lighting, adjusted seasonally.
  • Fuel efficient Weber Q closed lid BBQs are provided for guests.
  • We encourage our guests to help us be environmentally friendly by turning off airconditioning and lights when leaving the cottage.


  • Environmentally friendly biodegradeable phosphate free cleaning products are used.
  • Food scraps are recycled to our hens.
  • Staff and guests are encouraged to participate in recycling: Compost bins and recycling bins are provided in all pavilions.
  • Disposable and portion control packaging is minimised.


Guest food supplies are sourced locally with an emphasis on regional, seasonal produce. Artisan food products made with local ingredients are supplied to guests. Examples include:

  • Maleny Cheese, boutique cheeses and yoghurts made from local independent dairy farms
  • Twist Strawberries, Chevallum provide restaurant grade delicious strawberries (seasonal).
  • Home Made Jams, made from excess Chevallum strawberries or locally sourced fruits.
  • Maleny Bakery supply dutch style corn cob loaves, baked on premise in Maleny.
  • Hand picked breakfast pineapples are supplied from local pineapple farms seasonally. • Guests can enjoy many high quality nature and tourism experiences within walking distance from their pavilion. Explore our interpretive Nature Trail Circuit, or head to Kondalilla National Park and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk just minutes away. Montville and the Surrounding hinterland villages provides a vast range of tourism experiences in a very small area. • Local businesses are always used as a first preference for business needs, supplies and services. Of these businesses the ones with the most sustainable practices are utilised.


As well as helping us reduce our carbon footprint by reducing your water and energy usage and minimising wastage, you can be proactive in offsetting your own carbon emmissions at home.
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The carbon credits they purchase on your behalf are only secured from accredited and renewable energy projects. In other words, when you buy carbon credits through Climate Friendly, you are not only offsetting your own emissions, but you are also contributing to the growth of the renewable energy industry – the long-term solution for global warming.