Bushwalks in Montville and Surrounds

Obi Boardwalk

Situated near Obi Obi creek, this walk is great for beginners as it is wheelchair accessible and only 850 meters return. The track shows the beginning of a subtropical rainforest recreation project and there have been reports of platypus in the creek.

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Address: Coral Street, Maleny

Narrows Nature Trail

Newly signposted with interesting facts about the features you will find on the nature trail, this short 800m walk through our property will open your eyes to the natural beauty of the’Narrows’.

Mary Cairncross Nature Reserve

One of the best remnants of subtropical rainforest in Australia with amazing views across to the Glasshouse Mountains and an excellent education centre. The Park has some very large trees which attract a rich variety of birds. Many rare and threatened tree species flourish in this park and the endangered Coxen’s Fig Parrot and Richmond Birdwing Butterfly have been seen.

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Mapleton Falls

Superb lookout next to car park with wheelchair access-picnic area and 1.3km circuit-spectacular views of waterfall and rainforest valley below. Listen for the Wompoo Fruit Dove calling from its treetop feeding sights.

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Kondalilla to Lake Baroon

For the more energetic this walk takes about 3 -4 hours, and one section of the Great!Walk. Give us notice and we’ll drop you off at Kondalilla, and you can make your way back to our frontdoor, enjoying the lookouts, birdlife and spectacular scenery.

If you would like to start and return to Lake Baroon, click here.

Kondalilla Falls

From the car park to the picnic area and toilets is a steep concrete path-not wheelchair friendly. The walk to the top of the Falls-the Picnic Creek Circuit-is 2.4km, allow 45 minutes as the steps back up are quite steep. There is a natural pool and lush vegetation. The Kondalilla Falls Circuit descends to the valley below and up the other side-allow 1 hour-the return track is strenuous.

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Great Walk!

The Sunshine Coast Hinterland Great Walk is made up of 3 sections, namely the Baroon Lookout Section of walks, the Mapleton Section and the Delicia Section. The Great Walk can start with the Baroon Lookout Section which is a 58km walk that crosses the Maleny-Mapleton plateau and the Blackall Range. Towering Bunya Pines, rushing waterfalls and rugged, scarred landscapes are some of the natural wonders to be discovered. There are a number of walks from 2 to 7 hours. Most walks are not a circuit, you may need to arrange ‘drop off’ and ‘pick up’.

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Gheerulla Falls Walk

The little known Gheerulla Falls is one of the best swimming holes on the Range. Not far from Mapleton, just park your car and take a 1.5km walk into the falls. An easy walk with no rocks to climb over when taking a dip in the beautiful crisp clear water … so if you’re looking for a water hole away from the crowds in a peaceful and secluded setting, then this is the one.

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Baroon Lookout

As the crow flies the lookout is only about 300m from our front door, but access is from the bottom of Narrows Rd. Here you will enjoy spectacular views over the Obi Obi and experience the sheer vastness of this magnificent natural environment.

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